I always enjoy the glaze of the month tests that I do, and I like to find the uniqueness and beauty in each glaze I use, but sometimes, I open the kiln and just absolutely fall in love.  This was true of our April Glaze of the Month for Mid-Fire.  Coyote Gun Metal Green is beautiful on a wide variety of clay bodies all on its own, and I like it with one coat, two coats or three coats.  Depending on the thickness, you can achieve an entirely different effect from a lovely seafoam green with hints of metal to a darker mottled green with hints of seafoam to a mid-tone green with metallic float.  This glaze also works nicely in combination with other glazes.  The versatility and beauty of this glaze has earned it a spot in my permanent pallet.

Pint Regular Price: $11.80/ Special: $9.50

Gallon Regular Price: $58.70 / Special: $47.00

10#Dry Reg. Price: $73.70/ Special: $59.00


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