Whether you are a professional potter or a newcomer to the craft, you will appreciate the quality and durability of Groovy Tools.  As the experienced potter knows, a good strong trim tool that starts out sharp and stays sharp will pay many dividends.  Among the advantages are; less pressure applied to the tool and work piece, fewer broken or damage pieces, less fatigue, and greater precision.Pictures & more information below prices

Item CodeDescription 1Description 2Retail PriceBracker’s Price
GRT201Groovy Tool #201similar to DT310, KTLT5$16.50$12.88
GRT202Groovy Tool #202similar to DT340, KTLT7$16.50$12.88
GRT203Groovy Tool #203similar to DT345, KTLT1$16.50$12.88
GRT204Groovy Tool #204similar to DT320, KTLT3$16.50$12.88
GRT301Groovy Tool #301similar to DT510$14.50$10.67
GRT302Groovy Tool #302similar to DT511$14.50$10.67
GRT304Groovy Tool #304similar to DT525$14.50$10.67
GRT305Groovy Tool #305similar to DT555$14.50$10.67
GRT310Groovy Tool #310similar to DT410$14.50$10.67
GRT315Groovy Tool #315similar to DT430$14.50$10.67
GRT316Groovy Tool #316similar to DT440$14.50$10.67
GRT317Groovy Tool #317similar to DT445$14.50$10.67
GRT318Groovy Tool #318similar to DT450$14.50$10.67
GRT319Groovy Tool #319similar to DT455$14.50$10.67

Groovy Tools is a new concept in trim tools.  They start with a blade of the highest quality steel.  The 200 SERIES HEAVY GAUGE TOOLS are made from true tool steel. The blade is heat treated, tempered, and then re-treated cryogenically to produce a molecularly superior steel.  In the 300 SERIES MEDIUM GAUGE TOOLS they use a high carbon steel that is hardened and tempered to withstand the abrasion from clay but tough enough to be impacted and not break. From the type of steel, to the treating process, right down to the blade angle, this tool was designed to hold an edge.

The finished blade is then mated to an acetate handle that is impervious to moisture.  No more worries about wooden handles swelling, blades loosening, or having to wipe your handles with oil.  Our handles are light, strong, and will last a long, long time.

The final touch is an ergonomic grip.  This gives the handle just a little softness for a better grip with less fatigue.  And the bright colors are really groovy!

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