AMACO’s LT “Liquid Texture” Line (also known as the Alligator glazes), have long been a favorite series of mine, though I must admit, I had overlooked Green Stone.  For the month of April, I was inspired by all of the earth’s renewal around me – everything is becoming green again…I do so love this time of year!  So, influenced by the Spring, I decided to select a green glaze for each of the three glazes of the month.  As I perused our aisles, looking for the right glaze, LT16 jumped out as if I were seeing it for the first time.  As if it were magnetic, I was drawn to its smoky green satin surface with the brighter green speckles.  It seemed to embody spring…spots of brightness within the darker shade, a signal of what’s to come.  In the pieces that I glazed and fired, the surface was even more inviting, soft and smooth to the touch, a perfect satin finish.

Pint Regular Price: $13.95/ Special: $11.25


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