Just because the holiday shopping season is over doesn’t mean the great deals are gone here at Bracker’s.  Manufacturers often announce discontinued glazes at the year change, and this year in particular, there were some BIG announcements.  The one that surprised me the most was seeing the AMACO CTL (Crystaltex) Glazes on the list this year.  I’ve loved this line for a long time, and it will be sad to see them go.  I’ve written several blog posts about them over the past few years…In July of 2011, I wrote about Firecracker (click here to read).  Then in January of 2012, our Glaze of the Month was Nutmeg (click here to read), and in August of that year, the entire line was featured, (click here to read).  Also discontinued from AMACO is the entire CR line and the GDC line and a few other colors from other glaze series.  In the Spectrum Brand, the complete line of texture glazes and most of the satin line were discontinued as well as several individual colors from the gloss line.

We are selling all of these glazes at 25% off the last known retail price.

Take a look at this special section on our shopping cart site to find great deals  on great glazes.

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