Apparently, I am a fickle female.  Each month I fall in love with a glaze…for about 30 days, until the next month’s glaze is chosen, then I fall in love all over again.  But what a wonderful feeling it is to be in love, right?  I see nothing wrong with it.  My romance with each month’s glaze is unique.  This month promises to be a sultry and somewhat sordid affair with AMACO’s Smokey Lilac Raku Glaze.

When applied thin, the glaze shimmers with silvery softness and a slight bluish cast, as seen in the images on the left.  While the image on the right shows the beautiful blush achieved when the glaze is applied in multiple, thicker coats. And although that alone would make the glaze absolutely lovely, it doesn’t stop there, when more heavily reduced, the surface shifts from the lilac colour to a golden iridescence which seems to simultaneously reflect and refract the light.  The image on the left shows this tendency toward the bottom of the piece, where it was placed in the sawdust to reduce.

Lastly, the subtle smokiness of the glaze, as seen in the image on the right, helps to create a continuum of colour ranging in hue from the silvery-blue through purple and lilac to the golden and deep brown with just the slightest hint of bronze.  I strongly encourage anyone with a yen for Raku and an eye for beauty to stop in and pick up this glaze.  It will NOT disappoint you!

AMACO R-14 Smokey Lilac Retail Price $10.95

Bracker’s Glaze of the Month Price $8.25

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