Last year was our inaugural year for our Good Earth Grant….and when we announced it, I remember that i wrote

“Across the country there are schools that are having to make difficult decisions about budget and curriculum.  Unfortunately, clay can often be one of the first things on the chopping block.”  So we are establishing

The Good Earth Grant

We gave out close to $10,000 in direct funding, materials and service, and i like to believe we made a real difference for quite a few art programs across the country.  The grant form remained open, as we had already planned to repeat the Grant for 2023.  Since that time, it seems that the needs have increased as art programs in our local area are being absolutely slashed.

So we’re reviatlizing the call for requests NOW in the hopes of saving as many programs as we can.  For this round of support, we will be focusing our efforts a bit closer to home.  Priority will be given to schools or districts who are existing customers in good standing.   This round of funding will also be focused on consumable materials and basic classroom supplies only (no kilns, wheels, pugmills etc).  Our goal is to keep ceramics programs running and keep clay in the hands of kids.

This is the easiest grant you will every apply for.  Fill out the form below.  There’s no specific fields or data you need to include because we want to keep this as red tape free as possible.  Just give us your school name, your name, and then tell us what you need and why.  Include as many details or passionate pleas as you like.

Deadline to apply for materials grants for fall semester is September 6th

Decisions will be made and grant awardees will be notified by September 15

This grant opportunity will remain open for submissions after the deadline. Applications received after the first round funding decisions will be considered on a rolling basis while grant money remains available.