This month’s Mid-Fire (Cone 4-6) Glaze of the Month is Spectrum’s Gold Rain.  When this glaze premiered late last year as part of their latest line of metallic glaze offerings, it took the country by storm (pun intended).  Ads in Ceramics Magazines resulted in many many calls and orders for this glaze, so many, in fact, that it was nearly impossible to get a pint for my own tests!  Gold Rain, as the name implies, is a flowing glaze, and it does have the potential to “rain” down off the pot and onto the shelf, so care should be taken in application.  I recommend glazing only the top third of a vertical surface with this glaze, then select a nice matte glaze for the bottom half of the piece.  (Although I haven’t had the opportunity to test it, I think this would be absolutely stunning with Spectrum’s satin black overlapped with the gold rain….hopefully, someone will take that hint, try it and send me an image!)  I also found that when fired at the cooler end of the spectrum (Cone 4), that the glaze appears more like pewter rain, while the hotter temperature allows the more golden hues to develop, so it’s important to know the hot and cool spots in your kiln so that you can achieve the desired result.

Pint Regular Price: $16.00 / Special: $12.50