This month we honor and remember Glenda Taylor, whose pottery was as bright and colourful as she was.  Glenda used Mason Stains to achieve the vivid hues in her ceramics.  We decided to select 8 colors to feature this month.  Many are the exact stains that Glenda used, and some are just the colors she often wore.   We hope this special will inspire the “inner Glenda” in all of us.  We invite you to take advantage of the special prices to try something new in your own work.  Add a splash of color here or there and see what happens.  Please post your own images on our facebook wall or in the comments below.

Mason stains are extremely versatile.  They can be wedged into clay or stirred into a casting slip to tint the body itself, they can be mixed into a white glaze for opaque color or into a clear glaze for translucent “celadonesque” appearances.  You can even mix the stains with water and decorate on top of a glaze for beautiful brush-decoration and majolica techniques.   (Please note at low temperatures, the stain needs to be mixed with a flux.  We suggest equal parts stain, Frit 3124 and Gerstley Borate)  You can also use your stains mixed with water directly on bisqueware and then cover with a clear glaze.

For July 2015, get 20% off colors in the Glenda Rainbow:

Glenda Taylor, NCECAGlenda Taylor was a maker and a mentor, an artist and an athlete, a ceramicist and a cyclist, a professor and a pianist, a gardener and a grinner, and the most amazing friend anyone could ever hope for. Glenda’s presence had a profound effect on every person she met, probably because she so genuinely cared about what they had to say. Whether you had just met Glenda and only had a 5 minute conversation with her, or if you had known her literally since birth, she always left you with a bit of her beautiful spirit, glowing inside you. You just couldn’t help but smile when she was near you. After her ever-present smile, most people recognize Glenda by her wardrobe of bright colors. As I think about her though, I’m really not sure if that bright brilliance was really from the fabrics she was wearing, or if it was her beautiful radiance shining from the inside out. Glenda will be missed on this planet, but we will hold her in our hearts forever.