September Specials:

Buy a Giffin Grip, get the NEW Flex Slider Set FREE.  CLICK HERE!

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(in the slider panel below, hover your mouse in the box to pause the sliding)

 The Giffin Grip is a the only tool that both centers and holds pots on a potter’s wheel for trimming. Three sliders move in simultaneously to gently corral and secure your pot on center. 
Designed specifically for trimming, it works equally well for waxing the foot of a pot or banding with oxides. After a simple one-time adjustment, the Giffin Grip quickly snaps on and off your wheel.
 The Giffin Grip fit most potter’s wheels on the market including: Shimpo, Brent, Speedball, Skutt, and many more. Any potter’s wheel with a removable splash pan, or sufficient side clearance to mount a 16” (42cm) diameter round plate on top can accommodate a Giffin Grip
NEW!  Three flexible sliders allow for trimming hand built, asymmetrical and plain old wonkey pots on the Giffin Grip®!

Special prices guaranteed through September 30, 2013







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