We are very excited to announce a new feature of the Bracker’s Website…a section devoted to you, our customers!  You are invited and encouraged to submit your own portfolio information and have your work featured here on the Bracker’s Blog in our

Bracker Gallery of Artist Portfolios

We think this is also a great way to to help our customers connect with one another across the web while also helping you get more exposure for your work.  Images you supply may be featured on Bracker’s Instagram feed, pinterest boards, twitter, Facebook etc.    Most importantly, we welcome makers of all experience levels and all social media involvement (or un-involvement).  The form below lists all the main social media sources, but there’s also a place for “other” for anything that doesn’t fit into one of those sections.  If your work can really only be found in your garage studio and you don’t have a website or a twitter account and mostly do this for fun, that’s perfect.  On the other hand, if you are a full-time artist with a website, etsy store, and ALL the social media, be sure to list it all, and we’ll link to it all!  And we’re looking for all the in-betweens too.  🙂  Why not get started now?  It should only take 5-10 minutes!