PC 28, Frosted Turquoise belongs to the “heavy float” category of potter’s choice glazes.  A float glaze basically means that in the firing, some materials will separate and float to the top surface (much like how cream rises to the top of the milk).  Usually this surface will then crack to reveal the glaze color below.  The cracks heal during the cooling process to soften the appearance.   PC-28 Frosted Turquoise is a very unique glaze with some qualities that can be exploited for additional interest. Heavy application of these glazes allows for a massive float which picks up just a touch of the glaze colorant with it as it forms a coating on top of the fired glaze. The coating cracks open and allows the darker tone of the glaze colorant to show through the cracks before it heals itself and smoothes out. The look is elegant with small slits of darker color showing through the white float. The soft float can be influenced dramatically with beautiful results by placing another pot near the glazed vessel that contains some iron compounds. The iron will volatilize in the kiln at cone 5/6 and fume the side of the pot allowing for some very naturally fumed looks often found in high fire work.

Because AMACO Potter’s Choice glazes have proven to be so very popular, we are stocking many of them in gallons as well as pints, so this month, we have a special glaze of the month price for both sizes!

AMACO PC28 Frosted Turquoise:

PINT Regular Price: $9.95/pint

Bracker’s Glaze of the Month PINT Price: $8.00

GALLON Regular Price: $49.95/pint

Bracker’s Glaze of the Month GALLON Price: $40.00

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