It’s hard to believe, but Bracker’s was born in a TeePee. Yes, really. A 2-story stucco TeePee (formerly a gas station) was the very first home to Bracker’s. As word has gotten out that we are celebrating our 30th birthday this year, a few customers have approached us with really cool suggestions and ideas for how we can celebrate. Recently, one such customer, Marsi, had one of those awesomely cool suggestions – something that also flattered us so much we got quite misty-eyed. She described how much she appreciates the knowledgable, caring, encouraging support we provide to her and all of our other customers. Visiting Bracker’s and talking with the staff has become such an integral part of her pottery experience and Marsi insisted that others must feel the same as she does. So when a picture of a totem pole assembled from glaze fired pots popped up on Keleigh Scheuerman’s Facebook feed, Marsi’s great idea lightbulb turned on (figuratively speaking). She proposed that customers can bring pots to Bracker’s for future assembly into collaborative totem poles to become permanent sculptures in Bracker’s front yard. Marsi’s idea is too brilliant for words (even the most verbose of the Brackers is speechless)!


We especially love the imagery that it invokes as a totem was often used to represent families, kin, or social groups. The finished project should stand as a tribute of thanks to the great family and friends that we have had the honor of working with for the last 3 decades. Truly, the relationships that we form with our customers, (as well as manufacturers and even competitors) are so rewarding and fulfilling. We cherish those friendships and look forward to seeing each of you when you come in with some new source of inspiration, or new idea that you are trying out. Over the last 30 years, it has been a real privilege getting to know all of you and growing alongside many of you.


If you are interested in participating, bring one of your fired pieces to Bracker’s, which we will ultimately assemble (using PC-7 adhesive to make it more permanent) into totems. The first totem(s) will be assembled during out Saturday, June 30th party. We will enforce no rules on the piece itself, except to recommend that unglazed pieces might not survive a Kansas winter as well as a glazed piece. Your donated pot may be something specifically designed for a totem pole… it can be a “second” or slightly damaged piece… it can be that pot sitting on the top shelf of your studio for the past 5 years… it can be thrown on a wheel… it can be handbuilt… it can be fired to cone 12 in an Anagama kiln… it can be fired to cone 06 in an electric kiln… Seriously, no limitations.


Bring a piece to Bracker’s whenever you’d like; tomorrow, two weeks from now, next month, in November. We will continue to gather pieces our friends and customers donate for display in one of our totem poles throughout the year. If you live too far to bring your pot to Bracker’s but you still want to participate, feel free to ship your piece to us! Cindy is already thinking about a full-fledged sculpture garden, but both of the Annes are trying to keep her focused on one thing at a time, at least until the 30th party festivities are over.



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