We love the MKM tools for many reasons.  First, the care and pride taken in both the design and production is unparalleled.  Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.18.33 AMEach stamp is carved here in the USA at the MKM factory in Wisconsin.  They are consistently high quality in regard to the wood material itself, design, carving & finish.  Rather than laser cut (which always leaves a burned vertical wall, which then pulls up the edge of the design, all MKM stamps are cut with cutting blades that leave a bevel for all the lines and patterns.  So these stamps release the clay perfectly without pulling up any edges.  The finish oil is a more expensive naturally occurring oil that is self-polymerizing(that harden when exposed to the atmosphere). This means that these tools will be much more durable over time than tools that are bare wood or finished with other oils.

We also love that these stamps are just plain FUN to use.  We want YOU to have some fun with them too, so for our Friday Fun Feature, we are offering these stamps at a 20% discount through March 27th!

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