Just because I am off having fun in Milwaukee at NCECA doesn’t mean I forgot about my loyal blog followers back home!  I have some great friday fun in store for you!  But first, let me ask you a few questions.  Have you struggled with smoothing the canvas texture off of your slab?  Would you like to create nice beveled edges on 4″ or 2″ tiles?  Do you want a clean canvas upon which to impress your texture?  Well, before I left, I recorded this little video for you.  I think it will solve ALL of those problems for you!   AND we even created two  customizable kits for you (a 4″ kit and a 2″ kit), full of the products in the video!  Just use the coupon code SmoothSlabs at the end of checkout to get 20% off either kit (or both)! Enjoy:

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