There are few things that are more fun for me than Raku.  So this isn’t just any “Friday Fun” video.   This is FIERY FRIDAY FUN, and of course, we have great sale prices to go along with this video.

Pick up a Bracker Raku Kiln for only $150 this month, or get the whole kit for $500 (upgrade to larger torch for only $25 more).  If you’re feeling like a moth and looking for the flame, the 100,000 BTU torch is on sale for $100, or for the really big moths, we’ve got the 500,000 BTU torch for $150.  Need an extra set of tongs?  They’re on sale for $40 this month.   Don’t forget to protect your hands with a pair of gloves on sale for $10.00 and of course, the shelf to hold your pots is only $25.

Remember, if you are wanting to learn how to do this on your own, the Firemasters at our annual B’Raku event are happy to teach you.  Join us on September 12 for our Fall B’Raku event!