As I was editing the video below, Jeanette came into my office and asked me….  “so, why would I use the airpen instead of just a regular slip trailer or bulb syringe”.  I have to admit, even with all my MANY (some might say excessive) words, I fumbled and stuttered and was unable to answer eloquently.  “Well, it being air-driven means that you can get a continuous line with no hiccups and you also have WAY more control, so if you create intricate designs, it’s absolutely amazing.  Also, with either a bulb or a bottle, your hand gets tired from squeezing…even with the most supple plastic, you still have to apply a constant pressure, whereas the AirPen is literally like holding a pen.  You just place your finger over the airhole to make the product flow.”  Jeanette then helped supply the right word – “so it’s ergonomic”  “YES!  ERGONOMIC!” I exclaimed.  But it’s also so much more than that.  You can put pretty much anything through the airpen and get a nice crisp line.  At the beginning of the video, I am using our Red Casting slip on a leather hard slab of clay with one of the airpen’s included plastic tips.  Next I use black underglaze on a bisque pot through one of the metal tips.  I’ve also used a variety of glazes as well as different brands of wax resist, and it all works!  Ultimately, I told Jeanette, “it’s not something I can explain well, you have to just go try it, I still have it all set up out there, go play….”  Upon her return to my office all she had to say was “WOW”

So now it’s your turn to be wowed.  Click here to take advantage of this amazing offer:

Get the AirPen for $145 including shipping

(Regular price on the AirPen is $179.95.

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With the AirPen Color Dispenser, you can:

  • Draw long flowing lines and fine details without squeeze bottles, or brushes
  • Draw fine lines with thick mediums
  • Dispense paints, glues, and more
  • Prevent hand fatigue often associated with the use of squeeze bottles
  • Easily operate the AirPen Color Dispenser for time saving production of precision work

Each AirPen Color Dispenser housing features a patented venturi system for precise control of flow, and drip-free operation. Air bubbles, skips, and blobs are virtually eliminated. The AirPen Color Dispenser comes fully equipped, and is built for years of trouble-free use.

Accessories include: 14 Interchangeable applicator tips of assorted sizes for thick to thin lines
Plastic Taper: 14GA, 16GA, 18GA, 20GA (1 each)
Metal Tip: 25GA (2), 23GA (2), 22GA (1), 20GA (3), 18GA (1), 16GA (1)
Compressor with 6 ft air line; 100V thru 240V DC power adapter

  1. 5 cartridges
  2. 5 anti-gravity “followers”
  3. 5 red storage tips and storage plugs with tabs
  4. Stainless steel “Puller” tool
  5. Air shield for drop string applications
  6. 1 cleaning plunger
  7. AirPen Color Dispenser trifold instructions brochure