For the month of July, what glaze could be more perfect than AMACO’s Firecracker?  Not just a great name, Firecracker is part of AMACO’s Crystaltex series of glazes, which are a base glaze with the addition of a variety of glaze crystals.

In this case, a beautiful, brilliant, opaque red glaze is the base and white and blue crystals have been added to really capture the essence of a fantastic firework display.

I can almost hear the song “Baby you’re a firework” in my head when I look at this glaze (or maybe that’s my 6-year old singing in the other room…it *is* her favourite song, after all).  On the piece to the left, red clay was used, texture added with the “unravel” textured Xiem Art Roller (which I think kind of looks like a firework on its own), and a thick white slip added to the sides for additional texture. On the right, a small vase made from white clay was glazed with one coat on the bottom third, two coats on the middle third and three coats on the top third.

I was also curious about how firecracker works when overlapped.  I wanted to try and match the shade of the blue glaze crystal as close as possible.  China Blue, from AMACO’s DG line did the trick quite well.  I just did a quick pour and swirl of that glaze, then brushed firecracker over the bare parts of the rim and drizzled it over the blue glaze.

Lastly, if you’ve never used the Crystaltex glazes, you should be prepared for what they should look like, so while I was glazing, I snapped a pic of the glaze before it went in the kiln.  As you can see, there are little chunks.  These are the glaze crystals, which will burst into the firework colour seen in the fired samples.

Note: You *can* control where the crystals are placed on your piece to some degree by positioning them immediately after brushing the on the glaze.  This works pretty well for the larger sized crystals.  If you want ultimate control, I would suggest buying individual jars of glaze crystals and then applying them to your choice of base glaze.

AMACO CTL-54 Firecracker is regularly $20.45.  For the month of July, the special Glaze of the Month price is $16.50

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