This month the ENTIRE line of AMACO Teacher’s Palette Glazes will be on sale at Bracker’s for $10 each!  This popular line from AMACO consists of 24 completely intermixable colors, which can be blended with one another to create an invinite color palette.  All are certified AP Nontoxic, lead-free and dinnerwear safe.  Check out the great video from AMACO Education Coordinator, Diana Faris below, then get inspiration from some of the images in the gallery below,  All of which came from the fabulous collection of low-fire makers in the Facebook Group, Low-Fire Glaze Exchange.  If you’re on Facebook, this is an incredible group to join!  While you’re at it, head over to Bracker’s Facebook Pageand make sure you “like” us and are following our page so you see all our social updates, then go pick out some Teacher’s Palette Glazes in our online store!

[vsw id=”77Kf4lDtBhE” source=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ autoplay=”no”]