Justin has two separate ceramic identities. Here’s how he describes himself and his amazing fine art series:

As a geologist and artist I am fascinated by time and its constant progression, deep history, and eternal nature. What excites me about ceramics is how every finished piece is a record of moments in time. The manipulation of the clay by hand and tool is recorded in the form. The surface captures the formation of ceramic and glass as clay and glaze reacts to the heat of the kiln. Finally, the finished piece is a durable object, so the moments it records will last into the future.

The Madison, WI transplant who has lived in Lawrence for nearly a decade also produces a line of work that celebrates the former Lawrence Vitrified Brick Company which manufactured multiple styles of brick. The sought after “LAWRENCE, KANSAS” bricks are found in sequence with the flat and grated press bricks. Here’s how Justin describes his brick themed items:

I am a Lawrence based artist who works in clay. I’ve been walking around town looking down for nine years now and am inspired by the sidewalks. I’m putting out this collection for people who have lived and loved Lawrence, but for some reason have had to leave. Show your pride for your former home with a brick and tell me your idea for a custom brick design!

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