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only $14.79


Kemper K45 Klay Gun

Like a play-doh fun factory in your hand, this mini extruder comes with 16 different dies.

20% off 

Clay Gun Die Kits

Use these popular shape dies to form decorative additions to your pottery. The large and small coil die dies make extruding coils effortless. The dies can be altered with a small file to get unique shapes

$10.00 off


Shimpo Clay Gun

Handheld Extruder includes 5 Dies and 1 Blank made of stainless steel. 

only $45.56


Scott Creek Super Duper Clay Gun

This is an exceptionally handy, rugged, extruder for making small runs of a particular form.  The standard Clay Gun comes with a 10″ threaded barrel and cap.  We’re sure you will find many uses for this handy tool in your studio or classroom.  All Clay Gun 2″ handheld extruder dies will fit this extruder.  Includes a 1/2″ coil die and two blank dies to customize to your needs. This Clay Gun holds about 3-4 pounds of clay.

Save $100


North Star Stainless Steel Extruder Package

North Star extruders do not look like or work like any others. They are designed to be simple, safe and inexpensive. Both models feature a 4 inch square steel barrel tapered at the top for easy loading. Each comes with a long extension handle to give extra leverage for small extrusions or stiff clay.


20% off 

North Star 4″ Extruder Dies

So many dies available for the 4″ extruder, you will want them all.  at 20% off, you can GET them all.  In the hollow dies, there is a bevel on both the interior and exterior portions under each side of the bracket (which holds the center of the hollow dies) that helps the extrusion to “heal” after is has been cut apart by the bracket. This bracket fits into a slot machined into the top of the hollow die and is held in place by the barrel of the extruder.


SAvE $200+


North Star Big Blue Extruder

The North Star Big Blue Extruder does not look like or work like any others. It is designed to be simple and safe yet powerful. This model features a 6 x 6 x 12 inch aluminum barrel that holds a full 25 pound pug of clay and can produce extrusions up to 4-1/2 x 4-1/2 inches


20% off!


North Star Big Blue Extruder Dies

The 6″ extruder dies are made of 3/4″ HDPE (High Density polyethylene). Which is extremely wear-resistant and completely non-contaminating. The top edge of the die cavity is beveled to compact the clay as it passes through, giving a crisp, more solid extrusion.