Last fall we started talking about adding an “Express Pickup” option for our customers.  It hasn’t been a high priority to institute it because *most* of the people who place an order online or by phone for in store pick up want to come in and browse a bit and usually add something.  Thus, we have generally kept to the practice of not charging your credit card until you come in to pick your order up.  We also understand that sometimes plans change, and people sometimes don’t get in to pick up their order as originally planned.


Beginning this week, we are now offering Express Pickup.  Here’s how it works:

  • Call and place your order or use our online store to shop and simply request express pick up
    • We will put together your order and then you will receive an email when ready for pickup.  That email will identify whether your order will be available at the front door (generall smaller, lightweight orders) or from the warehouse garage door loading area (clay or multi-item/heavy orders)
    • When you arrive at Brackers, please call us 785.841.4750 to notify us you are here and your order will be brought to you.
    • Please if you have a fever or a cough, or anyone in your house does, do not come to pick up your order, or request that your order be boxed and placed outside for you to obtain without human interaction.


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