Spectrum’s Espresso is possibly my absolute favourite low-fire glaze.  I have literally been waiting to make this the glaze of the month.  The problem is that we seem to have a problem keeping it in stock….it sells out so fast!  On the last day of August, the 18 pints I ordered came in.  I do hope they last the entire month!

One of the things i love about this glaze is its variety.  It’s a rich brown, to be sure, but on a talc body, the undertones are black cherry to burgundy, while a talc free body brings out more blues and purples.

Espresso also layers well with many other glazes.  Lately, I’ve been following a suggestion from my mom that she refers to as the rule of thirds, so I’ll glaze a piece with one glaze across two thirds of it, and a second glaze across opposite the first, also across two thirds of the piece, so that there’s an overlap in the middle.  The final piece shows 1/3 of each glaze and 1/3 of the blend in the middle, as shown in the tray from the featured image, which shows off this technique with Espresso and Old Copper.

Spectrum 953 Espresso Pint Retail Price $13.00 Special Glaze of the Month Price $10.50

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