Welcome to the end of November.  Before we indulge in so much Turkey that we sleep through the waning days of this month, let me just remind you that we are open on Tuesday, November 25th AND Saturday, November 28th.  We will be closed Wednesday-Friday to allow our entire staff to spend some quality time with their own families.  We hope you enjoy doing the same!  Be watching our website though, because you KNOW that as a small business, we WILL be here for you on Small Business Saturday, with a slew of specials.  We just *might* be announcing those on the blog and social media sometime around 4pm on Friday…..

November Recap…

We kicked off November in style with an AMAZING Andrew Martin workshop!  Participants left here with new ideas and inspirations for their work.  Plus it’s so much fun having a group of people here for two days.  I feel like it’s a really great opportunity for us all to get to know each other a little better.  Also, we have REALLY great food.  🙂  And for those of you who were following along in Dave’s half Marathon fun, he ran the whole thing and finished right at 2 hours 10 minutes, with a per mile pace of 9:57!  We’re so proud of him.  Of course November 1st also brought with it our annual Winter Sale, which includes special prices on almost everything in the store.  We were also honored to host NCECA Executive Director, Josh Green for a few days as he traveled from the SOFA show in Chicago back to the NCECA home in Colorado.  Then, we were treated to Kyla Strid in our studio as our Second Saturday Artist!    Lastly, If you missed Dave’s tech tip on how to do a glow test this month, you can read it and all of his past tips here.  Often Dave will ask people to do this BEFORE he comes out.  The results can help him diagnose your problem in advance, and the he can bring the right parts out, often saving a second trip (and saving you money!)  If you need help from Dave, fill out a service request.   Sometimes, a simple phone call from the “Kilndoc” can solve your problem!

Looking ahead to December…

December is going to be full of fun, frolic & festivities.  As our winter sale continues throughout the rest of the month, we will also have several extra-special limited-time events that will be announced throughout the month, so you’ll want to make sure to stay tuned right here to our blog.  Definitely plan to join us on the Second Saturday of December for our Holiday party, with plenty of treats to satisfy not only makers hands, but also makers mouths!

New on shop.brackers.com

We are all REALLY excited about our newest product. Quite honestly, there are so many cheesy and cheeky ways we could announce this new product, that I can’t even pick.  So, I’ll just say it straight out.  IMG_5015Texture Balls have arrived at Brackers! These fun new spheres come in 6 different patterns and can be used on handbuilt or thrown work.  They’re so much fun, we just couldn’t keep them to ourselves. (And you know that the funnest things we find end up as Friday Fun videos on our YouTube channel)  Be the first to get your hands on…um, this fun new product (and feel free to insert your own amusing ball-related comment  here), now available on shop.brackers.com

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