Spectrum’s new Electric Ash Glazes are absolutely beautiful, especially when layered over each other or over other glazes.  In the images shown below, the electric ash glaze has been put on the top third of the pot and allowed to drip down through the other glaze on the piece.  Both glazes used are indicated below the image.  In two of the images, three glazes were used.

Item CodeDescriptionRetail PriceBracker’s Price
SPG1421Pear Ash$9.50$7.60
SPG1422Fig Ash$8.50$6.80
SPG1423Coffee Bean Ash$8.50$6.80
SPG1424Cactus Ash$8.50$6.80
SPG1425Kiwi Ash$8.50$6.80
SPG1426Blueberry Ash$8.50$6.80
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