Stunning shades of blue!  I was pleasantly surprised by the results of this month’s featured Raku Glaze.  Laguna’s Dynasty Blue offers a wide variety of results and with just a little bit of understanding you can definitely influence one result over another.   A metallic bronze effect achieved through heavy reduction gives way to a variegated blue, with shades ranging from dark royal to teal and even a bit of seafoam green to highlight.  As an added bonus, the combination of the bronze and blue create a lovely magenta/purple iridescence.  One other important thing to note about this glaze (and many dry glazes):  When mixing up from scratch, be sure have some Gum Solution on hand to add to the liquid glaze if you intend to brush.

This month, pick up a 5# bag of Laguna’s Dynasty Blue for only $14.95!  Click here to buy!

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