Glaze crystals have been a favourite of mine for a long time.  If you’ve never tried a crystal glaze and are curious, this is a good place to start.  The Duncan Crystal Series come in 4 oz jars.  If you like them, then you can even create your own crystal glazes by purchasing the Spectrum (1 oz jars) or AMACO (4 oz jars) glaze crystals and mixing them to your favourite glaze colour

Bracker’s Special Pricing on all remaining Duncan CR Glazes:

Item CodeColour NameNumberRetail PriceFeatured Glaze Price
DGCRP821Parchment Crackle, PintDuncan CR 821$11.10$6.66
DGCRP904Fudge Marble, PintDuncan CR 904$16.85$10.11
DGCRP915Night Frost, PintDuncan CR 915$16.85$10.11
DGCRQ821Parchment Crackle, 4 OzDuncan CR 821$3.55$2.13
DGCRQ822Mocha Cream Crack, 4 OzDuncan CR 822$3.55$2.13
DGCRQ823Celadon Crackle, 4 OzDuncan CR 823$3.55$2.13
DGCRQ903Emerald Falls, 4 OzDuncan CR 903$5.30$3.18
DGCRQ904Fudge Marble, 4 OzDuncan CR 904$5.30$3.18
DGCRQ907La Fiesta, 4 OzDuncan CR 907$5.30$3.18
DGCRQ913Cranberry Frost, 4 OzDuncan CR 913$5.30$3.18
DGCRQ916Holly Berries, 4 OzDuncan CR 916$5.30$3.18
DGCRQ917Caramel Latte, 4 OzDuncan CR 917$5.30$3.18
DGCRQ918Cherry Blossoms, 4 OzDuncan CR 918$5.30$3.18
DGCRQ919Milky Way, 4 OzDuncan CR 919$5.30$3.18
DGCRQ920Water Lilies, 4 OzDuncan CR 920$5.30$3.18



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