This new wire tool features an ultra-thin stainless steel wire that removes less clay under your pots! The comfort grip handles make it easier to simply slip your fingers thru the loops and cut under your pots or facet your clay. No more wrangling a wire that is simply too long for small pots! Available in several different sizes, our Ergonomic wire tools will become a staple in your tool kit! Check out the 2 different styles of wiggle wires and our thicker Ergo-Max wires for larger pots and heavier duty applications! Handmade in Kentucky, USA.
Item CodeDescription 1Retail PriceBracker’s Price
DRTMAX1313″ Ergo-Max Wire$5.50$5.00
DRTMAX2222″ Ergo-Max Wire$5.50$5.00
DRTMAX77″ Ergo-Max Wire$5.50$5.00
DRTTHIN1313″ Ergo-Thin Wire$5.50$5.00
DRTTHIN33 1/2″ Ergo-Thin Wire$5.25$5.00
DRTTHIN77″ Ergo-Thin Wire$5.50$5.00
DRTW1414″ Standard Wiggle Wire$6.50$5.50
DRTW99″ Standard Wiggle Wire$6.50$5.50
DRTWW1414″ Wide Wiggle Wire$6.50$5.50
DRTWW99″ Wide Wiggle Wire$6.50$5.50
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