2014 was a fantastic year for us and we hope it was for you as well.  I think the highlight of the year for me is always the NCECA conference, when I get to see so many of my friends from across the country and in some cases across the planet!  The workshops we host here are a close second though.  I really enjoy the intimate setting and getting to know the couple of dozen people that will attend and be here with us for 2 days, not to mention getting to know the presenters better across that same time.  It was also great to finally see our business officially find a second home in KC with our treasured employee from the early days, David Root (aka Atlas Archimedes).

Not surprisingly, as I look ahead to 2015, I’m most excited about the NCECA conference in Providence in March, our spring workshop with Adam Field and Forrest Lesch-Middelton in April and then our Raku Workshop with Marcia Selsor in the fall (information coming soon).  I also look forward to seeing our KC location grow, maybe including some regular stock and perhaps an event or two…?  But before we become fully immersed in the new year, let’s take a quick look back at what happened in 2014, just in case you might have missed something…

New on the Blog:

• Customer Gallery – portfolio.001The Customer Gallery has become one of my favourite sections of the Bracker Community section of the Blog.  It’s especially a treat for me when I get a notification of a new “applicant” to add to the section, because it means I get to see the work of another one of our customers.  And I love the variety in this gallery….full-time production potters, university instructors, weekend “hobby potters”….makers of all skill levels and time commitments.  The work itself is so varied too, throwers, slabbers, extruders, slipcasters, decorative, decaled….it’s exciting to see this section grow.  I encourage you to add your voice to the Bracker’s chorus!  There’s a link to the short and easy-to-fill-out-form on our the main gallery page (linked above)

• Interactive FAQ – One of the newer sections on the website, these FAQ are still being developed, and we could use your help!  Something on your mind that you want to know about clay?  Post a question or topic you’d like to see discussion on.  We have a variety of categories from General Bracker Information to product information, tech questions, etc.  I’d love to see this become a powerful resource for all of the Bracker Community in 2015.  🙂

• Staff Pages – We like to get to know our customers, so we thought you might like to know a bit about us.  Within the staff pages, you’ll find information about each of us and what we do here as well as individual contact information, so you can contact exactly who you need!

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 1.22.25 PM• Dave’s Tech Tip Tuesday Monthly Column – This is definitely a fan favourite.  Dave’s timely tips help you get to know your equipment better! This is definitely a don’t miss monthly column (take note of the calendar subscription feed option below)!

• Calendar of events with subscription feed – This link will take you to our full public calendar of events.  You can also sort by category to get just information on upcoming workshops, second saturdays, inservices and other educational events.  Our regular calendar includes any special hours AND also will tell you when monthly blog column (such as Dave’s Tech Tips) new posts will be released (you will also see this information on the right hand side bar of every post on the blog).   All of Dave’s repairs have also been uploaded onto our publicly available repair calendar, which can be quite helpful if you’re needing to set up an appointment with Dave and want to know when your schedules might match up.  You can even subscribe to any of these calendars so you’ll always have the information you need at your fingertips!

• Used Equipment Postings – Looking to sell something?  Post it here!

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 1.20.08 PM• Friday Fun Monthly Video Releases – This is another one of my guilty pleasures, because we all get to cut loose a little and show our silly side while also creating short and informative videos that we think you will enjoy.  We post the videos to our Blog, but you can also subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

• Archive – My sister complained to me that she wanted a complete archive where every blog post ever written in the history of brackers.com was collected, so here it is!

Got something you’d like to see on Bracker’s Blog?  Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.  I’m already working on another new section for 2015 that I think will be VERY useful to everyone!


New in the Store:

square kiln.001

New ConeArt Square Kiln!


MKM Finger Rollers


AMACO Celadon Glazes


Increased variety of Dirty Girls Tools


Coyote Texas Two-Steps

AMACO Tile Cutters and Texture Rollers

AMACO Tile & Texture Rollers


MKM Handrollers

Spectrum Low-Fire Metallics

Spectrum Low-Fire Metallics


Big Handrollers

Texture Spheres

Texture Spheres


Newly published books!



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