Laguna’s Dark Red Raku is always a crowd pleaser. We’ve used it at several of our Raku events and the results have always been flashy. One important thing to know about this glaze is that it is a very flowing glaze, and its ideal firing temperature is lower that most raku glazes.  PLEASE make sure your raku shelf is well kiln-washed, and I would further advise that you use the Dark Red on the inside of a piece or on the top third of the exterior only.  This glaze does look very nice in consort with other Raku glazes OR even low fire commercial glazes.  In fact, I highly recommend experimenting with Dark Red and low fire matte glazes…it will give you the beautiful results of the the Dark Red, while relying on the stiffer, higher-melting-temperature glaze to minimize the running.  In the gallery of images below, please click on the little “i” in the top right corner to see information about glaze combinations, reduction materials, etc.

Laguna R-15 Dark Red 5# bag Regular Price: $12.00

Bracker’s Glaze of the Month Price: $10.00