This series of collaborations has really been fun to put together and watch.  This month, once again, We’re taking two things that are very different, tossing them in a Kansas Tornado and see what spews out.  Functional potter, Melanie Harvey, and ceramic sculptor, Mike Rand will be here on Thursday and Friday, August 6-7.  They will be exploring several ideas, including ware that is technically functional but completely impractical or unusable, such as a coffee mug with spikes all around the rim.  Explorations of surface decoration on spikes and other sculptural elements and jointly created vessels may also take place.  Both Melanie and Mike are excited about this pairing and looking forward to working together.  Mike’s connection to clay is deeply rooted in his childhood, he was even influenced, to some degree, by his father’s colleague, Bill Bracker.

“My ceramic art links to the old. It takes art traditions and mutates them into personal visions. One needs to venture beyond the safety of boundaries to see what is really possible with a medium.  In terms of the collaboration, beyond making some truly unique pieces to show off at the NCECA conference,  telling some odd humor jokes to the Bracker clan… and playing with some clay… i dont really have any expectations over all.”

Melanie, who’s own bright personality is exemplified in her pottery, describes her work as

“always functional and either colorful or whimsical or both. I describe my pottery as everyday art. My favorite part of ceramics is the process, and I love to experiment. In collaborations two people have the opportunity to influence the process together. I think the paring of my very functional approach with someone making more sculptural work will be challenging and fun.”

How will these vastly different styles of ceramic art find shared themes?  Pop by on August 6-7 and find out, and be sure to follow us on “Twitblrfacetagram” to see all of the images from this collaboration and much more!  Lastly, I just have to point out, that if you abbreviate the name of this collaboration, it’s just Dang Fun…which I’m SURE it will be!

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