2022 Random Acts of Kindness

We are excited to bring back this community project that celebrates and promotes the joys of using handmade objects.

Kindness week is typically in February each year, but we feel that kindness needs to extend to many weeks.  (Plus, our event works much better when the weather is warm…)

We are accepting mugs now for May Muggings!

Plus there’s more…..


Promoting the potters.

Something we learned last time is that we had enough donated cups to create a beautiful exhibition.  We now have a nice space in our showroom devoted to showing artwork, so we’ve added an exhibition to this annual event.  In April, we will have all of the donated cups on display and will be promoting them on instagram too.  We hope you can come by and bask in the generosity of the people in our field and see some amazing cups!

All mug donors will also be receiving a special gift from Brackers as a thank you for joining us in this project

The muggings…

We arm our muggers with a box of the donated cups and a gift certificate for a cup of coffee from a local coffee shop and send them out into the community.  Last year, we partnered with La Prima Tazza and mugged people on Massachusetts street only.  Our staff all felt that we should expand our reach and include some “off-mass muggings” So the whole city is now a target!   And this year, the coffee is on Bracker’s.  We’ll be buying some gift cards from local coffee shops and our “victims” will get to choose their preferred provider for percolated potions.  .  We will create maps, schedules and more detailed plans after we see how many mugs we get!