Because winter weather in Kansas is a bit too unpredictable to insure the opportunity for a Raku firing, Our Raku glaze of the month will be resting until April.  However, we have replaced it with a “specialty” glaze of the month for the next three months!

For those who are more do-it-yourself-ers or people with control issues (yes, I am one myself), and who like the look of crystal glazes, jars of individual crystals are a no-brainer.  You can either create your own crystal glaze by dumping combinations of various crystals into the glaze of your choice, OR, you can place individual crystals exactly where you want them, grouping some together to create multi-colored bursts, or creating your own constellation looking pattern from a single color.  The possibilities are endless.  AND, as a bonus, crystals can be used at low fire OR mid fire.  Spectrum has a nice variety of crystals that come in 1 oz jars (an ounce is a lot of crystals, especially if you are placing them individually!), so you can start out with a solid palette of colors and accents.

For this month, the more you buy, the more you save!

Regular Retail price for a 1oz jar of crystals $8.50

Glaze of the month special price $7.50

Buy 2 jars get an ADDITIONAL 10% off ($6.75/jar)

Buy 4 jars get an ADDITIONAL 15% off! ($6.38/jar)

Buy 6 jars get an ADDITIONAL 25% off! ($5.63/jar)

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