We are very excited to announce our first collaboration project at Brackers.  In conjunction with our Second Saturday Series, we will be hosting Nathan Neufeld and Joey Watson in our studio area all day Saturday while they work on collaborative slipcast projects.

Mark your calendars to come by Brackers between 10am-3pm on Saturday June 13, 2015

Joey has some exciting new items that he recently had 3d printed and is now in the process of casting.  He’ll be bringing those.  Here’s a sneak peek:


Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 12.34.37 PM

There might be a few more sneak peeks appearing on our instagram and our facebook page as we approach this collaboration.

Says Nathan of his work:

Food and ceramics have been harmonious for as long as both have existed. In my ceramic studio practice there is a striking consonance with the technology, innovation, and the experience that molecular gastronomy embodies. Technology has always been a major part of my work, but now is an essential undertone. I have been developing a process in which I 3D model the mold parts themselves in a computer software and fabricate them through programming computer controlled machinery. The structure and surface I achieve on my work is through a singular system that dictates the pathing for this entire mold part, but the form influences the system which responds with varying structure and line width. The result is a system that yields something akin to woodgrain or muscle fibers, yet is not so familiar.

My focus is on function; not solely if something is functional, but the nature of that function; the interaction between user and object. An object simply having the quality of being used is not enough. I collaborate with chefs to create services in which the food and serviceware both confound expectations and function symbiotically, and the users are provoked by interaction. I create experiences that encourage exploration, revelation, and discovery.

I design my molds using Rhinoceros modeling after read plenty of their software reviews, and fabricate them directly in plaster. My work is precise and calculated. Joey Watson slipcasts as well but he uses some interesting casting techniques along with some looser methods of creation to achieve some incredible, unusual, colorful surfaces and forms. I have admired his work for a few years now and we have wanted to collaborate for a bit as well. I think Brackers is the perfect place to do it!

Take a look at some of the work that each of them has made individually, and then come see what they come up with together!