I love sunsets in September.  The days are still warm, but the nights are getting cooler, which makes for lovely evenings outdoors, often with a nice fire in my backyard fire pit, or sometimes a bike ride out to the nearby lake to watch the sunset over the water.  Perhaps looking forward to those beautiful colors in the early evening sky here in Kansas are what inspired me to select Coyote’s Sunset Pink for this month’s feature Cone 5 Glaze.   The shade of pink is delightful and delicate but also has a nice variegation which provides a nice depth and visual texture.  The semi-transluscent  surface flows over edges and pools into recesses, which adds to the the illusion.  This effect is even more noticeable on a dark clay body.  Sunset Pink also works well in combination with other glazes.

Pint Regular Price: $11.60 / Special: $9.25

Gallon Regular Price: $56.80 / Special: $45.00

10#Dry Reg. Price: $81.80 / Special: $65.00


Click on any image below to view full-size and read details about surface treatment

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