Coyote glazes seem to have taken the world by storm.  Their early ads showed beautiful pots glazed with several of their glazes overlapped.  This was extremely effective advertising, because it seemed everyone wanted us to carry Coyote Glazes.  One of my favourites is the Red Gold, which is described on Coyote’s website as:

Runny! Single dip (2-3 coats brushed) Breaks gold to red to blue where thick. Nice over other glazes like Cinnamon Stick and Black. Nice when overlapped with Gun Metal Green or Blue Purple. Satin to glossy surface.

Coyote 31 Red Gold

But the description and the images of this glaze, both the chip shown here on the left, as well as the pots below only tell part of the story of this incredible glaze.  You simply have to try it for yourself!  Use it alone, under another glaze, dripped over  a glaze, and then send me your pics of it!  🙂

Our Featured Glaze Special Price is $7.50

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