During our special party, the “30 Ring Circus” this past Saturday, we had 3 containers filled with Orton Pyrometric Cones and asked attendees to guess how many were in each container.

Guess how many cones are in each container?

From left to right: bar cones, an assortment of standard & self supporting cones, and junior cones


There were:
Jar 1: 161 Bar Cones


Jar 2: 104 Self Supporting cones + 164 Standard cones for a total of 268


Jar 3: 217 Junior Cones


The people who came closest to that count, without going over:

Jar 1: Joleen Macy Thompson guessed 157


Jar 2: Linda Horvath guessed 266


Jar 3: Sherri Hanna guessed 206


All three of our winners will receive a $30 gift certificate to Bracker’s and assortment of Bracker’s swag (a Lil’ Chizler, a bracelet, etc.). Congratulations!


One last thing… we find it so very awesome that all three winners are ceramics teachers!

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