We are very excited to announce our July Collaboration and Second Saturday event.  This event will be a mixed-media collaboration with Ceramic Artist, Amanda M. Barr and Glass artist, Rhoda Powers.   We will be hosting them in our studio area on Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

Mark your calendars to come by Brackers between 10am-3pm on Saturday July 11, 2015

Amanda Barr is a studio potter, writer, and social media enthusiast originally from the Kansas City area. She spent the past decade in Iowa and is now moving to first pursue a post-baccalaureate in ceramics from the University of Colorado in Boulder after which she will become a long-term resident at Pottery Northwest in Seattle. She received a BA and MA in Spanish Literature before choosing to pursue a career in ceramics. Her use of printmaking on the ceramic surface serves as a metaphor for events in her life and and is an expression of her innermost world of thought and imagination. She opened her fine art line, Amanda M Barr Ceramics in 2009, and her pop-culture dinnerware line, Print & Clay, in 2014.

Says Amanda of her work:

My ceramic work is an exploration of color, graphic imagery and text on porcelain. I enjoy the intimacy of using functional objects as narrative vehicles for my inner monologue. These objects then become part of the user’s narrative, becoming part of their daily life through the ritual of use and by decorating their living spaces. Each piece is a reflection of myself, and in choosing to accept it into their life, it also reflects the user.

I am often inspired by my background in literature, thematically as well as being a source for much of my text and my love of vintage illustrations. Through books one can travel through time, to faraway lands… anywhere the imagination can create. My work is an extension of my love of reading; it is about expression and escapism, imagination and history. I want to make work that will capture the imagination and create a dialogue with the viewer, force them to think and dream and make their own journeys.

Rhoda Powers is a self-taught glass artist currently living and working in Kansas City.  Prior to fully immersing herself into the life of an artist, she followed the path of her degree in Business Administration, including accounting and marketing.  After years of feeling like she did not fit in that world, she followed her passion into the art field, exploring many media, but finding most joy and success with glass.  However, she still maintains an affinity for other media and enjoys exploring both 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional art forms, both in her own work and in collaboration with other artists.  Rhoda recently collaborated with area painter, Jilli Nell (see images in the gallery below).

Collin+Cube+-2_edited-1Rhoda on being a self-taught glass artist:

I bought books, a kiln, glass, I talked to the glass artists I had come to know while collecting.  At first I felt at a tremendous disadvantage without an art degree, no art history, no known masters to inspire.  I started from scratch, like those cakes I bake.  Pure basic information, ingredients,  and I soon realized self taught  seemed more of an advantage, I wasn’t tethered to some preconceived notions of what I can or can’t do.  There are some rules you must follow working with glass but knowing these things also free you to experiment.  Experiment I did,  I broke some rules and I broke some glass.  My credo in the studio is, if I’m not bleeding, I’m not working hard enough.  Here’s the thing, I refuse to be confined to a single medium.  I paint canvases that hold glass sculpture within in it.  I bend & weld sculpture with glass as the focus, I hand build porcelain molds to slump or form my kiln glass.  I photograph my glass with transmitted and reflected light and sell the gallery wrapped canvas photography prints.  I do it ALL but it ALL revolves around glass.

We are extremely excited to see what these two creative women come up with, AND to hear the conversations that they have along the way as well.  Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see the collaborations take shape across the days, or if you live close enough, feel free to stop in to observe!  Our *official* Second Saturday Event runs from 10-3 on July 11th, but we’ll have Amanda and Rhoda in the house From some time on Thursday afternoon on through close on Saturday.  Check out some of their work in the gallery below, and stay tuned to see what they create together!


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