Now that many of us are working from home, it is important to make sure we keep the drain pipes clear of all that clay.

The Gleco Trap is the only sink trap of its kind on the market to carry the Uniform Plumbing Code certification. The semi-translucent bottle lets you see when its time to change the bottle BEFORE clogs occur, and changing the bottle is easy.  The clay trapped in the bottle can be thrown out with your solid waste, and the bottles can be cleaned and reused.

A simple measurement to determine the size you need, and the Gleco Trap replaces the P Trap (the U shaped joint) you already have under your sink.In most cases, you won’t even need a plumber to install it.  The Gleco Trap packages come with all the parts you need to install to a standard sink setup. They also come with a 2nd bottle and a replacement O-ring.

Got a unique setup?  No problem, Gleco Traps use standard 1 1/2” fittings, so if you need to make an adjustment to fit your personal space, the parts you would need are easy to find at most hardware and home improvement stores. 

For the rest of the month of April 2020, the GT64, GT43, and GT19 packages are on sale for $90.00 (thats a savings of $35.00!!). CLICK HERE TO BUY

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