Teacher and student are reunited in this informative Second Saturday demo with Chuck Watson (teacher) and Aaron Riffel (student).

Chuck was teaching at Liberal High School during the early 1990’s when Aaron began his High School career (class of 1994) and began absorbing a love of clay from Chuck. It has been about 20 years since they’ve been in the classroom at Liberal High School, but their friendship has never waned.

Chuck received a B.S.Ed. & M.A. from Emporia State and studied other clay and glass work at Colorado Mtn College, Colorado Institute of Art, Seward Co. Community College, SW Oklahoma State, and KU.

He is retired after 38 yrs of teaching at  Mission Valley School, Emporia State University, Liberal High School, Seward County Community College, KCK Public Schools,  and Neosho River Free School.

Aaron’s formal education has led him to a career as a System Administrator at KU (sounds like boring computer stuff to a clay person), but continued to feed his passion for clay and has even hooked his son, Isaac, with the very same love of clay that Chuck instilled in Aaron 20+ years ago.

We can’t wait to hear the stories these two potters share on Saturday!

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