If you’re looking for some really neat texturing options, check out the wide variety of Texture Mats available from Chinese Clay Art.  There are 6 different Plastic mats in 8X12 size, 4 options in 10X15 size.  For larger work, consider the 12X16 rubber mats, available with 4 different textures.  You can buy them individually or in sets.

Also from Chinese clay art is their multislab cutter – turn an entire pug of clay into even slabs in minutes!

Item CodeDescriptionAdditional InfoRetail PriceBracker’s Price
CCTMPSET18X12 set/6 plastic mats$60.00$50.00
CCTMPSET210X15 set/4 plastic mats$50.00$45.00
CCTMRSET112X16 set/4 rubber mats$60.00$50.00
CCTMPBASKETBasket Weave Texture Mat8X12 Plastic$12.00$10.00
CCTMPBRICKBrick Texture Mat8X12 Plastic$12.00$10.00
CCTMPDRAGONDragon Scale Texture Mat8X12 Plastic$12.00$10.00
CCTMPFISHFish Scales Texture Mat8X12 Plastic$12.00$10.00
CCTMPROCKRock Texture Mat8X12 Plastic$12.00$10.00
CCTMPWOODWood Grain Texture Mat8X12 Plastic$12.00$10.00
CCTMPCHINESEChinese Char. TextureMat10 X 15 Plastic$14.00$12.00
CCTMPCLOTHCloth Wrinkle TextureMat10 X 15 Plastic$14.00$12.00
CCTMPENGLISHEnglish Words TextureMat10 X 15 Plastic$14.00$12.00
CCTMPFLOWERFlowers Texture Mat10 X 15 Plastic$14.00$12.00
CCTMRBASKETBasket Weave Texture Mat12X16 Rubber$16.00$14.00
CCTMRDRAGONDragon Scale Texture Mat12X16 Rubber$16.00$14.00
CCTMRROCKRock Texture Mat12X16 Rubber$16.00$14.00
CCTMRWOODWood Texture Mat12X16 Rubber$16.00$14.00
CCMSCMulti Slab Cutter$24.00$20.00

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