Coyote’s Cedar Shino is a beautiful brick red colored glaze.  When used alone it shows some variegation within its tone, with the hue tending toward the pinker or more salmony tones where its thick and showing more brownish undertones where thin.

This glaze also works well in combination with other glazes.  One of my favorites was the combination shown in the featured image on the piece made by Marsi Mi.  Marsi loves to use the Steve Tool to create texture (Check out our YouTube video of her using it).  I wanted to accentuate that section, so I applied AMACO’s high fire texturizer to that area, then applied the Cedar Shino over the entire piece.

Another one of my favorite combinations was the Cedar Shino applied over Spectrum’s Satin Black, which you can see in the gallery of images below on the bowl made by Rick McKinney at our 30th Anniversary Open House last month.  Pairing with Spectrum’s Texture Moonscape also yielded rich results where the glazes overlapped (seen on a Marsi Vase in the gallery)

The clay body used also had a strong impact on the glaze.  On Porcelain, the glaze breaks over edges to a darker red with a hint of sienna, whereas any clay body with some iron increase the darker brown undertones where the glaze breaks.  Bodies with some manganese will, not surprisingly, influence the breaking colour to a dark umber brown to black.  Laguna’s B-3 Brown offered the most intense variegation, with a very dramatic appearance of the ruddy cedar color with black spots throughout when thick.  On the thinner parts, the black is the more predominant color with a light frosting of the red.

Pint Regular Price: $21.40/ G.O.T.M Price: $18.00

Gallon Regular Price: $136.20/ G.O.T.M Price: $115.00

10# Dry Regular Price: $175.30 / G.O.T.M Price: $150.00

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