Spectrum’s 900 series Low Stone Glazes are one of my absolute favourite lines, and I love how reflective this line is of Spectrum as a company. Unlike most glaze manufacturers, Spectrum began making stoneware glazes and then added low fire lines. So when they introduced their low stone line circa summer 2000, I was very excited. At that time, there were 24 colours. Obviously, I wasn’t the only one who was excited, because they’ve now expanded that line to over 60 different low fire stoneware-esque glazes.

961 Bullfrog Green

One of the most recent additions is Bullfrog Green, which I had the opportunity to use last October while preparing for a state Art Ed Show.  I was actually needing some examples of the awesome texture rollers I was taking to introduce and sell, and I figured awesome texture deserves awesome glaze, so I immediately went to the 900s and picked out a couple that would be new to me.  (Yes, yes, I know, you should always test a new glaze before using it on something important, but I was in the mood to be a risk taker, and frankly, Spectrum’s never let me down before, so I felt pretty confident).  It’s a very rich green, with a satiny surface and just enough translucency and variegation to really show off texture on clay.

I was thrilled to open the kiln and see the results of my little risk.  I couldn’t have asked for a better example of both the texture and the glaze, and I really don’t think there’s any question about why the first of my texture rollers to sell out at that conference was the one that was glazed with Bullfrog Green.

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