Kim’s Fab Four at Brackers

Happy December! As the cold weather has officially arrived, the warmth of my studio beckons me to create. I admit, I have lots of tools (LOTS), but somehow it always comes down to one of these. Check out the list of my Fab Four!

  1. Sherril Mudtools Ribs, the red one– Michael Sherril, the creator behind Mudtools, comments he “would make a tool, or modify an existing one to suit my [his] needs.” If you use ribs, these ribs are great! The ribs come in 6 shapes and 4 hardnesses. My favorite is the red 0. It is the smallest and softest of the lot. I use this rib to smooth and shape pots. The rib contours nicely with my fingers and doesn’t have uber sharp edges like metal kidney ribs. Plus, the red rib is the color of red Starbursts. 25% OFF RED RIBS THIS MONTH!
  1. Speedball Square Green Bats– Okay, not all of my throwing friends like this bat. The square shape seems to be disconcerting in the round and round motion of the wheel. I, however, use these bats and they are the next best thing to sliced bread. First, when I throw smaller cups and bowls, I don’t have to use a large round bat which seems to waste space. Second, these bats line up on a shelf easily and efficiently. Third, these bats fit snugly on the wheel head’s bat pins without being too tight to remove. And the green is the same color as green Skittles. REGULAR PRICE, 4 BUCKS, 4 BUCKS, 4 BUCKS, 4 BUCKS (REMEMBER THAT PROMO?  YEAH, WE JUST STOLE IT.  BUY ONE AT $5.40, GET UP TO 4 MORE FOR JUST $4.00 each!
  1. Amaco Velvet Underglaze Red– Some of my work consists of porcelain with touches of red underglaze. The red gives a color pop without competing with my designs and stays red in different firing temperatures. Also, the red underglaze reminds me of red Skittles! (Are you seeing a theme here?) $10 OFF THIS MONTH! ($10 off applies to pints of V387.  $2 off a 2oz jar)
  1. The round yellow sponge– This ubiquitous item is the perfect size and shape for all sorts of duties-as a throwing sponge, a glaze cleaner upper, a tool cleaner, and more.  It’s not a fancy thing, but it is affordable and lasts a long time. Win win! And yes, the sponges are the color of yellow Skittles!   BUY ONE GET ONE FREE THIS MONTH!

What are YOUR Fab Four?

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