Add versatility and convenience to your Brent® B, C, CXC or EX wheel. Store clay, modeling tools, brushes, and other supplies on the surface or in cup holders to keep them within arm’s reach.
The Brent® WorkTables are 1/3″ thick and are made from the same rigid, easy-to-clean material as the AMACO® Plas-i-bat.
These two tables attach to the front wheel legs with the same supports and knobs as the Curved WorkStation except they can be independently adjusted. One table is 16″ x 10″ (Item No. 22876L) and the other is 18″ x 10″ with a 4 1/4″ cup holder (Item No. 22877M).
Multiple positions for each table are possible by loosening one or more of the four knobs. Raise/lower the support or rotate it in or out to desired position then tighten to secure.
Available individually or as a set.

Brent WorkTable, MSRP $239, Bracker Price $215, Sold individually, $125each

The Brent WorkStation is 1/3″ thick and is made from the same rigid, easy-to-clean material as the AMACO Plas-i-bat.
This one-piece table measures 35 1/4″ wide by 18 5/16″ deep and attaches to the front wheel legs with four steel supports (two per side). It also has two storage cup holders — 2 3/16″ and 4 3/16″ in diameter.
The height of the table can be adjusted by using one or both knobs on each side at the same time. Loosen the front knobs, the side knobs (or all four), raise or lower the table to the desired height, then tighten to secure.

Brent WorkStation, MSRP $239, Bracker Price $215