At some point we’ve all experienced that moment of opening the kiln, expecting to see a load full of beautiful, perfectly-fired pots, only to discover something went majorly wrong and you have to completely start over.  It’s a very similar feeling to discover the website you’ve worked so hard to design and fill with content is gone, including the backups that were on someone else’s server.  *sigh*

So, while we continue to work hard to recreate the new and up-to-date website, we decided we could not continue to rely on the old site which is horribly out of date on pricing and content.  There are many products we carry that weren’t on that old site and many products that have been discontinued that were still listed.  So now we have this intermediary site, full of information and images.

Alas, no, you can’t click on an item to add it to your cart, BUT, what we recommend if you want to “shop” at Brackers is that you have an email open while you browse the website and just type up a list of what you’re wanting.  Product name, product code, whatever works for YOU.  A real live human being looks at every order that comes in, whether via fax, email, website (once online ordering is back up), even snail mail.  Once we get your list, we’ll type it up and email it to you with totals for confirmation.

And again, we’re hoping that this site is an EXTREMELY short term solution.  (Read: we’re working our tails off to get the REAL site done as quickly as possible.  Thanks for your patience!)

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