Calling all Teachers!  It’s back to school season, and with declining budgets, Bracker’s own line of glazes are sure to fit the bill (pun intended).

I did quite a bit of experimenting with these glazes on both white and red clay.  I was very pleased with how true the colours turned out on the red clay.  And because I had teachers in mind, I decided to try the thing I am asked about most often… “Do I *really* have to do two firings?  Can I just apply the glazes to the greenware and fire it once?”  From the results I saw, the answer to this is yes.  I took three small handbuilt pieces and applied the glazes at the leather hard stage.   I even got my third grader involved and had her glaze a few pieces of bone dry greenware.  I programmed my kiln for a Cone 04 bisque, complete with pre-heat.  I was a bit nervous about opening the kiln, but was delighted by the results.  I would never have known they were single-fired!

I also wanted to test to see how well the colours blend, so on the Four Seasons tray, I mixed colours, overlapped them, and tried different brushing techniques from stippling to dry brushing to achieve various effects.

These glazes are available in 12 bright kid-friendly colours and we’ve put them ALL on sale for this month

Onyx, Marshmallow, Mudpie, Crazy Crimson, Tiger Lily, Forsythia, Lichen, Green with Envy, Morpho Butterfly, Kansas Blue, Wysteria, Tickled Pink

Pints regular price – $8.99, special price – $7.50,

Set of all 12 colours in pints regular $99.99, special $85.00

4oz jar regular price – $3.99, special price – $3.00,

Set of all 12 colours in 4oz jars regular $44.99, special $35.00

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