We continuously pursue and share ceramic knowledge

Someone once referred to our store as the

“Bracker’s Marketplace of Information eXchange”

(the fact that you can basically abbreviate that to “B-MIX” makes it all the more clever.)

We are proud to say that we do often act as a hub, learning results of a new product or material from one customer, doing some research on our own and then passing that along to the next.   Whether you visit us in store, call us on the phone or send us an email, you can be certain that we are sharing the latest most up to date and accurate information that we have access to, and if we don’t know, we’ll find out and get back to you.  Right here online we  have built an extensive resource section that we are constantly working to increase and improve. There’s also an ever-evolving FAQ here for you. And we’re always open to your ideas.  

That is, after all, what an information EXCHANGE is…


We believe in giving back to the clay world

We get excited each year about our annual gift of a Brent Model C Wheel in memory of Bill Bracker to a local school, university, arts center, or other center of learning.  The submission form is open year round and we review all open proposals each year, usually around Thanksgiving, with the award being bestowed on (or very close to) December 1, which is Bill’s Birthday

We support organizations that promote ceramics and educate clay artists

From the Lawrence Arts Center, our local center for creative expression, to the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA). We are proud to support a variety of arts centers and organizations who are working hard to create opportunities for Ceramic Artists.  Bracker’s provides both financial support and  in-kind donations for workshops, residencies, empty bowls projects, K-12 education, new ceramic technology and arts advocacy,  Our employees often volunteer their time and talents for these organizations that provide educational experiences and creative outlets.  We hope you can take advantage of some of the available opportunties.  

We support ceramic exhibitions & competitions

We are involved in our local community

Lawrence is a wonderful place to raise a family or a business, which in our case, is kind of the same thing…..So we give back to several events here, even ones that have nothing to do with art, because we believe in the value of local.  We hope you do to and support awesome events where you live, or come visit us for some of the cool things in Lawrence!

Random Acts of Kindness

Art Walk

Our community-building ideas

We’ve done a few different things in past years, such as our “Mass Street Muggings,” during Kindness week and we have lots of plans for the future.  These are ideas that we hope catch on in other communities, so read on, and see if you can find a way to adapt these things in your area!

The Good Earth Grant

The Good Earth Grant

It started with the wheel. Our William Bracker Wheel Donation, that is.  But this year, Dave asked me "does it have to be a wheel?  There are a lot of schools that have needs that aren't a pottery wheel.."  I couldn't break with tradition and not donate Bill's beloved...

Cups of Kindness, 2022 edition!

Cups of Kindness, 2022 edition!

We are excited to bring back this community project that celebrates and promotes the joys of using handmade objects. Kindness week is typically in February each year, but we feel that kindness needs to extend to many weeks.  (Plus, our event works much better when the...

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