The choices seem to be never-ending with AMACO’s Potter’s Choice glazes.  I think I could spend a full year running all the combinations of these glazes, and possibly still not explore every possibility.  Not only is each glaze lovely on its own, but the palette expands exponentially when you begin to layer these glazes.

At left is a sample showing 4 glazes layered on top of Blue Midnight.  At right is those same four glazes under the blue midnight.  (Albany Slip & Verte Lustre, top row, Lustrous Jade and Deep Firebrick on the bottom row).  Two coats of each glaze were applied.  (Between the glazes, you can get a hint of what would happen if you were to layer 3 glazes together, but do use caution as glazes may run significantly with that many layers.)    A few more examples are shown below, try your own combinations as well.

Regularly $9.45, the Blue Midnight special Glaze of the month price is $7.50/pint