In this four-hour workshop style inservice, Bracker’s staff will lead teachers through the creation of ceramic projects utilizing three different techniques with AMACO’s balsa foam. Printing is a very popular art form that is perfect for creating repeating patterns, images and designs.  Printmaking techniques can easily be transferred into working with clay with the help of AMACO Balsa-Foam and AMACO Underglazes, along with the many tools you already have in your classroom.

Technique #1

Block Printing with Underglazes on Moist Clay

Photo of drawing a design onto the Balsa-FoamPhoto of pulling the Balsa-Foam block from the moist clay

Photo of finished dish with its Balsa-Foam stamp

Technique #2

Block Printing with Underglazes on Bisque Tile

Photo of carving design into Balsa-Foam along pencil linesPhoto of pressing Balsa-Foam block colored side down onto bisque tile

Photo of finished tile with its Balsa-Foam stamp


Technique #3


Printing Texture onto Moist Clay

Photo of drawing design onto Balsa-Foam block with pencilPhoto of finished tiles with an orange design stamped onto them with Balsa-Foam and Velvets


AMACO provides all supplies for this in-service, which enables Bracker’s to provide this opportunity for professional development for only  a reimbursement fee of $15/hour (including drive time) and 55¢/mile.


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*this information is copyright AMACO… Bracker’s has republished it here from AMACO’s website with permission.