We decided to do something a little different with our specials for this month.  August is back to school month for most people, but not ALL of the folks in our clay family follow a school schedule.  So we divided up our specials into three groups, each designed to appeal to a different “branch” of our family tree.  

  • For our teachers out there, we targeted tools and classroom goodies,
  • For students, we sought supplies that would be useful the whole semester,
  • For the potters, & sculptors, (whether as a  profession or an avocation),  we picked a few favorites.

Of course, here at Bracker’s, we believe everyone is both a student of clay, and a teacher of their style, and we encourage everyone to pursue their passion for art and creating, so feel free to shop from ANY of the sales we have this month.   To read our full newsletter, click the image at the left, or to just check out this month’s specials, click on the tabs below to peruse and then shop for whatever makes your heart sing.  

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